Friday, February 29, 2008

Crystal Balls

Happy February 29!
Does anyone else remember when it was about 70 degrees on February 29, 2004?

I was browsing the Michelle Rago blog (found via Blush) when I fell in love with the crystal globes shown in the images below.

Photos from Michelle Rago blog

I am toying with stringing paper lanterns of various sizes throughout our wedding location, similar to the pictures shown below, but I am concerned that it will look more whimsical than chic. I found a supplier that carries lanterns in all of the colors on our invites. I guess that I could go with all white or a single color since I'm having colored linens. But, I really do want things to be colorful. What do you think? Are lanterns played out? Would different colors be more gumball machine than chic? Those crystal lanterns would solve the predicament. They're both whimsical AND chic. Oh, to be wealthy!

Photos from Studio This Is, Kelli and Paul Taylor's Wedding


Tara said...

first- i love that bottom pic and have that in my inspiration folder!

those crystal balls are beeeaautiful! very posh. but I don't think they would look quite right in ANL...

but i am probably more "whimsy" than "chic" so I can't help you here! oh another comment... I tend to think the lanterns are a bit "done" as well... but in some places like the garden they just fit.

jessica lynn said...

i love michelle's images too! those crystal balls are to die for!

Meryl said...

I think hanging paper lanterns in different shades of the same color (like in the photo with all the different shades of pink) looks gorgeous. It's what I'm planning to do in my venue :-)

Where are you planning to purchase your lanterns? I've found a few potential sites but am definitely still looking.