Monday, February 11, 2008

Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget...

...seriously, it's like a Natty Light with Preferred Card budget. Not even a Heineken-from-7-11 budget.

Browsing the web looking at invitations has been an unfortunate hobby of mine for a few years now. I have stayed up late one too many a school night clicking around, analyzing fonts, wondering about how people made the graphics, and longing not only for the creativity to do the same, but also for my very own laser printer and letterpress and a studio in which to house them.

Having some idea of what invitations cost, I decided immediately upon engagement to make all of our invitations and paper-related products for the wedding. So, given that decision, I think that I need to stop stationery-browsing until after the wedding because I am driving myself mad seeing all of the things that:

  • I don't have the mad skillz or creativity to make myself.
  • I can't afford to order.

Like some of these:

  • How incredibly bold and beautiful are these invitations from Atelier Isabey?

  • This invite makes me wish that Andy and I shared a love of art, tattoos, comic books, album art, or something equally over-the-top so that we could have a fabulous, graphic stationery suite like these:

  • This one is just weird and fun. I bet that I'd get quite a few "It's, um, definitely you." responses to it.
Photo from: Hammerpress

  • I love the lightness of this design from FUSS. No matter what font I use, everything looks so heavy.

Photo from: FUSS

I can go on and on, but I am getting tired. My bookmarks include dozens of links to stationers with colorful, elegant designs and I have a whole a portfolio of images saved from Martha through the years. Hopefully, my wedding projects will have a modicum of the charm as those that I admire from afar.

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