Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"She's a bigger girl too."

Great News!
  1. I found the Venus dress! I have an appointment to check it out on Saturday. It's in the suburbs, but it's only an hour or so away. Yeah! AND the price is right! Double Yeah!

  2. I found the Watters dress! I went to Macy's tonight and they're going to have it shipped from another store so that I can try it on. Which totally makes up for the fact that the saleswoman kept referring to other brides/models that have worn the dress and saying, "She is a bigger girl, too." Yes, "too" means LIKE ME. WTF? I need better mirrors. I obviously had no idea exactly HOW beefy I apparently am. But, she did give me two early timeslot in case my mom can make it and a later one for if she can't, she looks like my friend from Texas, and she is bringing the dress in for me, so I'm not complaining. I'm thick-skinned (no pun intended) AND at her mercy. If girl gets me a dress, she can call me whatever she wants.

  3. I had to be at work at the (_:_) crack of dawn today, so I didn't get to publish my post for today. Now I have an extra post on file! :)

I can't believe all of the nice compliments that you've been leaving in the comments. Everyone is so nice! They're much appreciated and very much needed as fighting cabin fever and balancing work and all of these evening wedding appointments is catching up with me. My nerdy little blog is keeping it fun.

Stay Warm!

I want to blow this pop stand:

For this one:

Photos: Cinque Terre -- My 2007 Vacation!


Tara said...

omg- i sooo want to be there! i am dying for vacation.

How exciting to get to try on the dress after tracking it down! That'll help the rest of the days pass till the weekend :)

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

sigh. vernazza. sigh. i love it there.

A Windy City Wedding said...

Oh I am so happy you found that Watters dress, that one was on my list too. So pretty. Screw that saleslady, aren't they supposed to make us feel better and not worse?I am crossing my fingers they are a little nicer up in
Minne-sooo-ta! Good luck!

Darci said...

You crack me up, Tina! I had a similar experience at Macy's...there was a Reem Acra trunk show, and I went there to stand in those lovelies and dream a little. The woman was trying to squeeze me into a "model" size zero (whatever the hell that means, supposedly smaller than a regular zero) and there was NOT A CHANCE it was going on. She couldn't fit it over my head so insisted I step into it, and when that wasn't working either said, "Hmm. Everyone else today has fit into it." They know how to make a girl feel good!