Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cake Update

Bad news. The cake’s too expensive. Way out of our buttercream ballpark. Like $11.95/slice out of our ballpark. So, back to the drawing board. But there’s hope. I received a tip on much less laborious cake, shown below, that could be considered to be “inspired” by our original cake. But Andy said that some of the tips look like, um, teets, so we’d have to make them rounder so as to not tease any single male guests.

Cake photo credits pending.

I’m playing with a few ideas. Like maybe alternating tiers of balls. Or having one tier of balls. I know that I should stop referring to them as “balls.” But “beads” doesn’t cut it for me. I absolutely love this cake that the client of my virtual wedding planner, Mimi Palmer, had at her wedding (which, incidentally, is the most FABULOUS wedding that I have ever seen outside of MS Weddings!):

I could probably affordably to do something similar with an explosion of balls. It could look like our monogram is exploding into confetti to celebrate our union! Only prettier. And more delicious.

One thing that hinders design options a bit is that we are pro-buttercream. Although fondant’s pretty, we’re chubby. We like substance and sweet, sugary, buttery goodness.

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