Monday, February 11, 2008

Dig This!

So I get a call at work about a casting call for the show Bridezillas. The man thought that I'd be a "great candidate" for the show based on what he's seen "written on my blog." He even said that he'd be flexible if I couldn't make it to the casting dates because I'd be so "great." Oh. My. God. I spent all day racking my brain, trying to think what I could have written that seemed b*tchy or negative and couldn't think of anything. As my friend asked, does having taste make one sound snobby? Andy thinks that the title, which is supposed to be a joke, is what caught their eye. (Incidentally, Andy laughed and said that we should do it because "they always side with the men." As if he needs any help becoming the darling of the Over 50 set.)

I am hoping that they're just calling everyone with a blog, but the repeated use of "you'd be great" and references to my writing bothered me. Does my cartoonish, animated persona come through? Did anyone else get this call?

If anyone (other than producers) actually reads this and is interested, the casting call is Feb. 17-18 in Schaumburg. Leave your e-mail address in a comment and I'll put you in touch with the producer. You can ask him how he got my work number!

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Chad Fullerton Sr. said...

Okay Tina,

Sorry - Practical joke carried way too far! I left you that message at work on Friday - assuming you would know it is me or would recognize my number. I was just trying to get a hold of you in reference to my new job - and when I didn't get you I thought that the message would be funny. We are still flexible if you would like to meet in Schaumburg though! Sorry to dash your hopes for being on Bridezilla. Love ya!