Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Pleasure of Your Attendance is Requested.

I wanted our invitations to be colorful, graphic, slightly untraditional, and very compact. I was hoping that I could use one 11"X17" sheet of paper for each invitation and use creative folding and printing to maximize the space and minimize the amount that people had to carry around.

Here's the most recent draft. It still feels clunky to me, but I needed to take a break from them before I threw my laptop out the window. Andy thinks that they look fine and that I should leave them alone. I'm sorry that they're so small. You can click the images to view them larger.

  • Front:
  • Back: The back is incomplete. I just threw a bunch of stuff on there so that I could take them for a print quote.

Here are some snapshots of a few drafts ago to give you a better idea of the layout. The RSVP card will be perforated for easy removal and return.

I stumbled upon this invitation when I was looking for examples for Monday's post. It's similar, but opens down instead of left-to-right. And they use beautiful, but expensive, letterpress printing!

Photo from Blue Ribbon Design, Garden Party

The invites will be printed on cardstock. The envelopes will be size A7 in the Paper Source color papaya. I had to use colored paper SOMEWHERE! (trix, I'm going to use Howard Stern.)


trix said...

yeay i heart howard stern! don't give her whooping cough like u tried to in 06! tell her the pink & brown bridezilla says hi!

A Windy City Wedding said...

Hey how do you get the perforated (sp?) on there? I have always wondered how you do that...they look really great!!

tina said...

I am having the printers do it for $20. But, the sell machines that do it at fabric and office supply stores. They look similar to paper cutters for scrapbooking. I saw one for paper cutter that had scoring and perforating blades. It was a three-in-on for like $30.

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i really love the look you have going with the color scheme and the "bubbles". great job so far. i'm sure you'll refine it to be exactly what you want.

Tara said...

they are looking great! i love the folding style.