Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Thanks for all of your compliments on my dress! I really do love it. And what a relief to have that decision out of the way. I owe my "virtual planner," Mimi, big time! I had read that you should order your dress six months before the wedding date. I wasn't going to start shopping until April. Thankfully, Mimi and I had been exchanging e-mails after we participated in the Brooklyn Bride Christmas Card Swap and she urged me to shop sooner. Seven shopping trips later, I am thanking her a million times over.

Also, I agree wholeheartedly that bridesmaids should be comfortable. Especially in situations like mine, where each bridesmaid has a body type that is polar opposite to the others, but also a very distinctive style. And I can't make my HOT 25-year-old sister wear the same thing as a 34-year-old.

I've been a b-maid seven times, so I have squeezed into many different dresses through the years. I haven't had to wear anything ugly though...no sailor collars or hats for me! And all of my friends picked very affordable dresses.

Here are a few of my dresses. (All of my photo albums are in storage, so I don't have any pix of bridesmaid dresses 1-4 handy.) And if you don't like any of them, don't make fun of them in the comments. People might laugh at your selections too! (And my friends read this.)

BTW, I want to be a minimum of this skinny by the wedding. Only 34 weeks to go -- I better get on the stick. I was working out like 4-5 days a week back then.

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Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

You are so sweet! By the way, your friends have excellent taste! And you look great in all of them. :)