Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dress Envy

There is a new dress that I'm on the mad prowl for:

I discovered it today it in a "Real Wedding" article in the Knot Chicago magazine and just love it. I've already e-mailed the manufacturer and have some follow-up e-mails out to the salons that they recommended trying. I'm hitting Macy's after work tomorrow for some more humiliation, I mean, to try on some more dresses. (fingers crossed)

Also, check out the "Real Wedding of the Week" featured on the knot.com site. I actually had this article saved to post at a later date. 1) The bride is so wonderfully creative. 2) It's at our venue:

Speaking of the the Knot, don't forget to vote for enjoy/Mimi's entry in the Real Wedding Awards. I was out there the other day and her's seems like a winner hands down!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh! This is the dress my sister bought for her wedding! It is amazing and looks incredible on. She almost didn't try it on because she thought it was a bit over the top but once she put on the sample she kept it on for about an hour!
She purchased it from a salon here in Austin, Texas called Unbridaled for $800.
Check it out and happy hunting!
Another fun place to look is JCrew...i found my wedding dream dress there....

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and another thing. It can actually be two dresses. You can have a seamstress put a hidden zipper in underneath one of the tiers around knee level, etc. That way you can take off the bottom piece during the reception if you wanted to or if not at least be able to wear it again to other parties.

Chitown Bride said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Just stunning.

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

You are so nice for the mention! I love that dress, as well. Good luck in the hunt!

Sarah said...

awesome dress trix. you are becoming quite a popular gal in this blagosphere already, can you believe you ever questioned that first post? you are very entertaining.