Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You cannot be color blind if you aspire to fly fighter jets or attend our wedding.

Image from "Color blindness," on Wikipedia

I was flipping through an invitation book when I got the idea to play around with the standard monogram-in-a-circle-of-dots that is popular these days. I thought that it would be cool to do a play on the Ishihara color test used to test for color blindness at the DMV. (I totally admit to having to look up the name of that test on Wikipedia.)

I tossed the following (very) rough draft together to test drive the design. The yellow and slate gray were my original colors:
Here's what I think is the almost-final version using our real color palette:

I really hope that it's closed to finish because I am tired of looking at it. Every time I go to start it over, I get lazy and make the same mistakes. What do you think? I have been receiving the following comments about it:

  • "It looks like the color blind test at the driver's license place."
  • "What does 'ta' mean?" (Not even kidding. I get that a lot.)
  • "OMG. Your initials are 't 'n a'?"
I think it's funny that most of my friends are first realizing that our initials are "T 'n A." I really admire typography, so I couldn't not use our initials for anything. I decided to meet myself halfway and didn't use an ampersand. But I also think that it's funny that those are our initials. I am toying with giving out monogrammed mud flaps as favors:

"Flaming Mud Flap Girl" from

Just kidding!

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Chad Fullerton Sr. said...

I am a man invading your blog and have gotten in way over my head!

Wow! - we now have "Full Metal Tina Wedding." This is quite a compilation of your thoughts.