Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wedding 101 Classes -- WTRITO Reader Discount!

A Post-Christmas Clearance Sale on Wedding Stuff!

Magnificent Milestones and CS Brides are hosting Wedding 101 classes in the month of January. Mention the "with this ring, i thee obsess" blog to receive a $50 discount on the ticket cost. See the details below.

With Magnificent Milestones

January Sessions

Offered Tuesdays & Thursdays

12 PM - 1 PM

Magnificent Milestones | 1041 W. Madison St.

Join us for our January session of Wedding 101, offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 PM to 1 PM. The classes cover budget, guest lists, timetables, vendors and venues. All "graduates" leave with a bridal swag bag full of over $1,000 worth of discounts and incentives, a customized budget and a list of our favorite vendors.

For more information please visit

Cost is $200 for four, one hour sessions.
Lunch and swag bag included.

What a fun way to burn through your engagement energy, score some swag, and support a small business.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas Wedding Inspiration

Last night, Andy and I celebrated one of my favorite Christmas traditions -- The Music Box Christmas Show. This year, we saw "White Christmas."

That movie just thrills me to the core. Its handsome general, witty retro banter, and beautiful costumes and jewelry (Oh! The jewelry!) absolutely entrance me and makes me wish that I would have been born in a different era. However, this viewing - which has to be my 500th - made me realize how much wedding inspiration the film offers.

First Dance
The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing

You'd certainly be unique...

Wedding Dress and Centerpieces
Rosemary Clooney's Dress in the Carousel Club Scene

The terrible screen captures above were taken from this video:

I don't know why I didn't go more retro with our wedding. I kind of dabbled in it, but do wish that I went a bit more balls to the wall** with it. Oh well. It was lovely. Someone else should remake Rosemary Clooney's dress in white and send me pix of it!

**"Balls to the Wall" is currently in my phrase rotation because I just found out that my 4-year-old godson, who is very holy (despite my being his godmother), heard his dad listening to that song and has been walking around the house singing it. I got in trouble for saying "butt" and "dupah" in front of his older brother a few years ago, so I am sure that my poor friend is not pleased with her husband.

Happy 500th Post to Me! Note Card Giveaway

Holy Cow! 500 Posts?

Blogging has been such a treat and I'm truly flattered that even a few people take a moment out of their busy days to read my random-and-not-really-important-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things thoughts. I've been surprised and made giddy by some of the wonderful e-mails and compliments that I've received from people and, most importantly, made some new friends. I had tea with two "blog friends" on Sunday and, as we were laughing and talking about some pretty important things going on our lives, I was so thankful for the evening that I was sitting at home, feeling completely overstimulated by wedding planning, and decided to try blogging as an outlet in hopes of saving my friends and family from wedding overload. (Although, I don't know if it worked.)

To celebrate my 500th post, I am cleaning out my craft bins and giving away a set of seven (yup, seven, not six, not eight) thank you cards with matching Pool-colored envelopes. The winner can choose "bejeweled feet" or "plain."

I don't know if anyone will be reading blogs over the holidays, so I'll keep the contest open through the beginning of the year. If you're interested, please comment by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 3. If your e-mail address does not display in your profile, please include it in your comments. Thanks and Good Luck!