Monday, March 19, 2012

{366} Week 11

I swear, participating in this project makes the year feel like it's going by even faster. How can it be the 11th week of the year?

{Day 71} 03.11.2012
Going through Saturday's mail. My friend's son asked her to "if [he] could invite the big guy to his party." She had no idea who she was talking about and then became alarmed when he clarified with, "You know, the big guy who likes to play hide-and-seek at the pool." She was relieved when she finally realized that Andy was "the big guy." He then went through the invitation pile to make sure that she had addressed one to him. My favorite part of this story is when Andy flipped over the invite and saw that he was invited to bring his favorite Hot Wheels car to share and said, "But it's worth a lot of money. What if he keeps it?" Yes. I'm certain they expect you to literally bring your favorite, 38 year-old Hot Wheel.

{Day 72} 03.12.2012
An outdoor lunch in March. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

{Day 73} 03.13.2012
Beautiful day..,not so beautiful trash in the river. Jerk Wads. Just in time for tourists to come for St. Patrick's Day and judge us, too.

{Day 74} 03.14.2012
I want a big Flav-a-Flav medallion of this to wear around my neck.

{Day 75} 03.15.2012
Making bridal shower invites out of roasting pans from the Dollar Tree.

{Day 76} 03.16.2012

Our Niece's 11th Birthday Card. I will never outgrow the "torture" aspect of Big Sisterdom.

{Day 77} 03.17.2012
Late Night Chit Chat during Girls' Weekend 2.0 in Indy

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{366} Week 10

{Day 64} 03.04.2012
Andy used left over short ribs to make homemade burgers. I may never eat a fast food burger again.

{Day 65} 03.05.2012
Monday Morning Sunshine

{Day 66} 03.06.2012
Morning Workout

{Day 67} 03.07.2012
My sewing machine is my Work Flat Stanley.

{Day 68} 03.08.2012

{Day 69} 03.09.2012
Photo a Day Challenge: Red - Bonus Day Treat at Red Door Spa

{Day 70} 03.10.2012
Receiving o a post card from my favorite Post Card Friend is the perfect end to a great day of brunching, shopping, and sunshine.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Progressive Dinner Party

A few friends and I participated in a Progressive Dinner party on Saturday. Inspired by Oh Happy Day and A Blog About Love, we visited three houses over the course of the evening. The first house, "appetizers" was taken down by the stomach flu, so we started at our place with Braised Short Ribs, Mashed Potatoes, and very burnt Brussel Sprouts. Then we moved on for the second course and dessert.

It was great fun and, since we only had to provide small plates of a single course, it was a breeze to "host" and set-up, which is just what Andy and I both needed after the hectic few weeks we've both had. I didn't take any pictures of the evening, but snapped a few during set up.

I hope we get to do more of these in the future!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{366} Week 9

{Day 57} 02.26.2012
Prepping Andy's old condo for the new tenant. Don't ask.

{Day 58} 02.27.2012
Party Flowers

{Day 59} 02.29.2012
My boss put on me "On Lockdown" for the mandatory training that I mentioned in Week 5. I was told to put on my "Out of Office" reply, decline all meetings, hunker down on training, and then poke my eyeballs out.

{Day 60} 02.29.2012
Leap Day was such a Beautiful Day! I took the long way back to the office after meeting a friend for steak salads at Macy's, because Real Life and Bad Weather are for March.

{Day 61} 03.01.2012
My friend at work gave me solar-powered flowers for Christmas. This little guy was working hard trying to get some B12 and exericise on this dismal, cloudy day.

{Day 62} 03.02.2012
F*ck you right back, Knife. There is a bruise and outline of this knife in the pad my middle finger. Don't ask.

{Day 63} 03.03.2012
Andy made braised short ribs for a "Progressive Dinner Party" that we attended with friends. They were one of the best thing he's ever made. I'm so lucky to have married a good cook!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{366} Week 8

{Day 50} 02.19.2012
My new bookend looks like something out of an episode of HBO 's "Real Sex." I think that I will be returning it.

 {Day 51} 02.20.2012
Andy's day off in honor of President's Day means a free ride to work for Tina!

{Day 52} 02.21.2012
I created this presentation in about 20 minutes during a competetion at work in November. I've been tweaking and presenting it ever since. To say that I hate it after four months is an understatement.

{Day 53} 02.21.2012
The priest at the church near my office had very large, incriminating thumbs. You could totally tell who popped in there for ashes over the lunch hour.

{Day 54} 02.23.2012
One day into Lent and I had to replace my a.m. Diet Coke with some DD coffee to relieve the shakes and detox migraine.

{Day 55} 02.24.2012
Meatless Friday Dinner

{Day 56} 02.25.2012
Beer Cozies Full of Grocery Store Flowers = Pure Class

Monday, March 5, 2012

{366} Week 7

I fell behind on posting this project because I didn't like my photos from Week 7. Then I got busy and now I'm just moving on.

{Day 43} 02.12.2012
Valentime's Cupcake from Mariano's

{Day  44} 02.13.2012
People at work obviously have tougher jobs than me. I can operate all of the radio transmitters my heart desires without consequence!

{Day 45} 02.14.2012
The office that I visit when in Kansas City is predominantly dark. This the empty hall I walk through to go to the bathroom. For reals.

{Day 46} 02.15.2012
A very deserved and very late night glass of Conundrum to celebrate finishing our 288-slide PowerPoint deck.

{Day 47} 02.16.2012
Our work on "TV!"

{Day 48} 02.18.2012
I love Kansas City, but I'm so happy to back to the sights and sounds at home. I enjoyed a pretty walk at lunch time.

{Day 49} 02.19.2012
I slept for 14 hours while recovering from the Kansas City trip and forgot to take a photo. This was my attempt to take a silhouette of my lamp from bed.