Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smells Like School Spirit

Andy and I hosted my college friends for dinner on Saturday. I reused the table runner that I made in 2010, pairing it with gold, black, and white napkins and some pennant place cards that I whipped up – in true Tina fashion – an hour before everyone arrived.

I’ve had the sewing bug, so I bought more Purdue-themed fabric to make napkins, but chose sleep over crafting.

White flowers would have looked great, but I couldn’t pass up these brilliant yellow tulips. It was such a gray, slushy day when I bought them, so they stopped me dead in my tracks…spring was taunting me! I told my friends to pretend that they were "Old Gold" tulips, not University of Iowa tulips.

I also put some bud vases in beer cozies and used them as accents throughout the house.

I am ashamed to say that I actually thought of this myself and ordered the cozies online. That’s right. You get pure ass and class with me.

We have another dinner party with friends this weekend. I cannot wait! Andy is making braised short ribs for the first time. I'm so happy that I married someone who can get it together enough to cook.


Mel said...

I kinda love the cozie vases. Boiler up! I'll pretend those tuplips are old gold too. Happy weekend!

Adie Andrews said...

You are right that those yellow tulips are such a beauty besides they perfectly fit to the little old gold papers in the plates. Greets check in report london