Monday, March 5, 2012

{366} Week 7

I fell behind on posting this project because I didn't like my photos from Week 7. Then I got busy and now I'm just moving on.

{Day 43} 02.12.2012
Valentime's Cupcake from Mariano's

{Day  44} 02.13.2012
People at work obviously have tougher jobs than me. I can operate all of the radio transmitters my heart desires without consequence!

{Day 45} 02.14.2012
The office that I visit when in Kansas City is predominantly dark. This the empty hall I walk through to go to the bathroom. For reals.

{Day 46} 02.15.2012
A very deserved and very late night glass of Conundrum to celebrate finishing our 288-slide PowerPoint deck.

{Day 47} 02.16.2012
Our work on "TV!"

{Day 48} 02.18.2012
I love Kansas City, but I'm so happy to back to the sights and sounds at home. I enjoyed a pretty walk at lunch time.

{Day 49} 02.19.2012
I slept for 14 hours while recovering from the Kansas City trip and forgot to take a photo. This was my attempt to take a silhouette of my lamp from bed.

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Mel said...

I hear Mariano's is fantastic and I have yet to go there. Good-looking cupcake.