Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{366} Week 9

{Day 57} 02.26.2012
Prepping Andy's old condo for the new tenant. Don't ask.

{Day 58} 02.27.2012
Party Flowers

{Day 59} 02.29.2012
My boss put on me "On Lockdown" for the mandatory training that I mentioned in Week 5. I was told to put on my "Out of Office" reply, decline all meetings, hunker down on training, and then poke my eyeballs out.

{Day 60} 02.29.2012
Leap Day was such a Beautiful Day! I took the long way back to the office after meeting a friend for steak salads at Macy's, because Real Life and Bad Weather are for March.

{Day 61} 03.01.2012
My friend at work gave me solar-powered flowers for Christmas. This little guy was working hard trying to get some B12 and exericise on this dismal, cloudy day.

{Day 62} 03.02.2012
F*ck you right back, Knife. There is a bruise and outline of this knife in the pad my middle finger. Don't ask.

{Day 63} 03.03.2012
Andy made braised short ribs for a "Progressive Dinner Party" that we attended with friends. They were one of the best thing he's ever made. I'm so lucky to have married a good cook!

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Linda said...

My husband has that solar powered flower. It's so cute!