Tuesday, February 7, 2012

366: Week 5

DAY 29: 01.29.2012
My boyfriend's really taking it on the chin today. Two busted keys in one day.

DAY 30: 01.30.2012
Andy's A.M. Birthday Surprise is all ready to go in the craft room. (I slept through his alarm and didn't get to spread the balloons around the apartment. I woke up in a mad panic at 6:20 and dragged him in there to admire them while I danced around with my bed head sticking up in a million directions and my eyes still heavy with sleep. He got some mileage out of the story at work.)

DAY 31: 01.31.2012
That cake is sparing no feelings. Look at those flames!

DAY 32: 02.01.2012
I need serious help. Someone needs to wire my jaw shut.

DAY 33: 02.02.2012
Cooking dinner at 8:44 p.m. after a long day at work is one of my least favorite parts of marriage. Back in the day, it would have been takeout or nothing at that hour.

DAY 34: 02.03.2012
I am required to complete very long training curricula at work every few years. Keeping up is killing me (and all of my peers). I made a post-it note "Countdown" to excitedly tear through as I complete my classes.

DAY 35: 02.04.2012
Happy Birthday,  Andy...for the fourth time. Andy's fourth birthday party with friends at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. (Mmmmm. A family favorite.)

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