Monday, February 6, 2012

366: Week 4

DAY 22: 01.22.2012
Rehydrating after the Sparkle Brunch and reliving France.

DAY 23: 01.23.2012
Working on birthday cake secrets in the wee hours of the night.

DAY 24: 01.24.2012
I had bought dinner for a homeless woman the previous week. I didn't know why the bill was $18.76...until I found the receipt while cleaning out my wallet and noticed that she bought four oatmeal cookies! (I'm not mad about the price. This made me laugh.)

DAY 25: 01.25.2012
I was probably a bit more excited than socially acceptable over this purchase.
That glue stick pen is now my favorite craft tool.

 DAY 26: 01.26.2012
It's such a gray, crappy day that Sears Tower is hiding out in the cloud cover.

DAY 27: 01.27.2012
Glittered chef hats is a first even for me.

DAY 28: 01.27.2012
Happy 40th Birtday, Andy! Mother C was drunk when she opened the candles
and lost the "H." I was also drunk and, therefore, no help in finding it.


Sarah said...

I'm so impressed with your pictures...I tried to do this last year and failed by January 13th! :)

Terese said...

LOVE that last one!