Friday, February 26, 2010

Wine Storage

A few people have asked where I got the shelves and wine rack shown in my Wine Art post.

The shelves are the Holman Entertaining Shelves from Pottery Barn. They're great. They're so heavy and sturdy. The house could implode and they'd still be hanging.

I originally wanted to fill that entire nook with bottle shelves and glass shelves like in the photo below, but that would have been about $400.


I had enough Chase Rewards points to purchase three wine glass shelves, so I cashed them in for the shelves and picked up this very affordable OMAR wine rack at Ikea for only $34.99:

I guess that I could always add the nice wine shelves later. But I could also take that $225 and put it towards a trip to Napa to go drink wine!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

better together: meanwhile

What did the boys do while the girls got beautified? Theydid what boys do — hang out and drink beer on our roof top!

Looks like they had a great time, don't you think?

pictures by schwarzbild
Next up: the dress

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Craving Credenzas

I've added this house featured on Apartment Therapy to my list of dream houses. But I might just want the big windows, the swimming pool, and the dining room - but Andy thinks that I really just want that orange wall (which I think is perfect, incidentally).

One of the few things that makes me sad about our new place is that we have no room for a credenza. I want a credenza so badly. Alas, our china is sitting in storage. If we did have the space, these etsy and Craig's List finds would definitely be our front runners. They're so handsome, no?

Totally dig this China cabinet too. It's such a great price. I almost wish that we had a place to store it until we need it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Either This or Spray Paint

You may have assumed from my recent posts that I'm itching to get our (semi-)new condo polished up and looking homey. I have some big closet and shelving projects and a painting project planned for the month of March, but, in the interim, I'm also hoping to take hammer to nail and fill our bare walls.

We have a large, empty wall opposite our kitchen that our dining room table sits on. This wall has been driving me nuts. I've been searching hell and high-water for some cool photographs for this wall, but to no avail; Andy nixed the plate wall idea; I'm hesitant to try my own hand at some art for fear of looking like a misguided, talentless TLC/HGTV Victim; and I don't want to frame wallpaper or fabric for the same reason.

I think that I've finally settled on ordering the prints below from etsy seller Jenn Ski. I selected these because I need a tryptic. I have an e-mail out to the seller to see if they work well together in person.

If they don't, I might try this combo:

The space won't fit a vertical configuration, but I do like it.

When I receive the prints, I'll place them in gallery frames from CB2, with maps properly cut to fit. I think that they're going to be great. I can't wait to order them.

This print might be an alternative to the wine wall I proposed last week.

{Source: Prints; Source: Frames}

Any thoughts?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Trying to think of where I could use this:

I wish it were larger. And maybe landscape. But I love it.

I like this one too.

From etsy seller pepography.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

better together: the hair

My hair. Well, honestly, there is just one person in the world whom I trust enough to do my hair — Simon. Simon and I have known each other for about four years. I asked him to come to the hotel to do my hair. He sat patiently waiting for me in our room full of chit-chatting girls. Doesn't he look calm?

We had a trial a few weeks before the wedding, but, honestly, it was more gossiping and playing with the veil than an actual trial. But I knew I could trust him 100% so I just let him do whatever he wanted. In the end? I loved my hair! And so did everyone else.

While I was pampered by Simon, my girls did their hair themself...

all pictures by schwarzbild
Next up: the boys

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wine Art

I want to get some kitchen art that doesn't have portly French chefs or cheesy looking ladies on it. I really like these:







For this wall in our condo:

Prints 1-5 are from etsy seller ensatina. I think that they're perfect, but getting the entire set would be $275 before shipping and framing. I could narrow it down to three. Or, I could pair the WINE print with the one or two copies of the red wines print (6) from etsy seller lots9press, who I've purchased from before and is awesome.

What do you think? Too girly? Too Staged-Catalog-Photo?

The shelves are so empty in these photos. We've since unpacked our wedding presents and they're now busting at the seam.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Board Books That Won't Make You Bored

We celebrated my sister-in-law's baby shower was last weekend. My favorite of her gifts received was this board book from artist Charlie Harper.

I was thrilled to discover that there's also a 1 2 3's book

And a memory game (Memory was one of my favorite games growing up):

And this cool Flash Card and Floor Puzzle set:

I love these! They might be my new go-to gift. Someday, I'd like to get myself these coffee table books. I always admire them,  but never take the plunge.

(There's actually a signed first addition of Birds & Words available here.)


{Source - All Images}

Monday, February 8, 2010

better together: the make-up

A good friend of mine served as our make-up-artist. I love to spend time with her, as she is so bubbly and fun! While she worked her magic on me, we listened to Mando Diao (my sister brought her iPod and docking station with her) and sipped Prosecco. It felt like the three of us are getting ready for a night out in town rather than a wedding. We were very relaxed and calm and enjoyed being pampered.

pictures by schwarzbild
Next up: the hair