Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Either This or Spray Paint

You may have assumed from my recent posts that I'm itching to get our (semi-)new condo polished up and looking homey. I have some big closet and shelving projects and a painting project planned for the month of March, but, in the interim, I'm also hoping to take hammer to nail and fill our bare walls.

We have a large, empty wall opposite our kitchen that our dining room table sits on. This wall has been driving me nuts. I've been searching hell and high-water for some cool photographs for this wall, but to no avail; Andy nixed the plate wall idea; I'm hesitant to try my own hand at some art for fear of looking like a misguided, talentless TLC/HGTV Victim; and I don't want to frame wallpaper or fabric for the same reason.

I think that I've finally settled on ordering the prints below from etsy seller Jenn Ski. I selected these because I need a tryptic. I have an e-mail out to the seller to see if they work well together in person.

If they don't, I might try this combo:

The space won't fit a vertical configuration, but I do like it.

When I receive the prints, I'll place them in gallery frames from CB2, with maps properly cut to fit. I think that they're going to be great. I can't wait to order them.

This print might be an alternative to the wine wall I proposed last week.

{Source: Prints; Source: Frames}

Any thoughts?

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Terese said...

delayed comment...i think these are great! did you pull the trigger?