Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{366} Week 8

{Day 50} 02.19.2012
My new bookend looks like something out of an episode of HBO 's "Real Sex." I think that I will be returning it.

 {Day 51} 02.20.2012
Andy's day off in honor of President's Day means a free ride to work for Tina!

{Day 52} 02.21.2012
I created this presentation in about 20 minutes during a competetion at work in November. I've been tweaking and presenting it ever since. To say that I hate it after four months is an understatement.

{Day 53} 02.21.2012
The priest at the church near my office had very large, incriminating thumbs. You could totally tell who popped in there for ashes over the lunch hour.

{Day 54} 02.23.2012
One day into Lent and I had to replace my a.m. Diet Coke with some DD coffee to relieve the shakes and detox migraine.

{Day 55} 02.24.2012
Meatless Friday Dinner

{Day 56} 02.25.2012
Beer Cozies Full of Grocery Store Flowers = Pure Class


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Oh my gosh, that bookend! There are no words. I agree, I think a return is in order. Of course, I does make for what could be a rather entertaining talking point during dinner parties you might host!

Terese said...

your ashes made me laugh! i've declared "mom to a newborn" dispensation for lent this year :)