Monday, March 19, 2012

{366} Week 11

I swear, participating in this project makes the year feel like it's going by even faster. How can it be the 11th week of the year?

{Day 71} 03.11.2012
Going through Saturday's mail. My friend's son asked her to "if [he] could invite the big guy to his party." She had no idea who she was talking about and then became alarmed when he clarified with, "You know, the big guy who likes to play hide-and-seek at the pool." She was relieved when she finally realized that Andy was "the big guy." He then went through the invitation pile to make sure that she had addressed one to him. My favorite part of this story is when Andy flipped over the invite and saw that he was invited to bring his favorite Hot Wheels car to share and said, "But it's worth a lot of money. What if he keeps it?" Yes. I'm certain they expect you to literally bring your favorite, 38 year-old Hot Wheel.

{Day 72} 03.12.2012
An outdoor lunch in March. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

{Day 73} 03.13.2012
Beautiful day..,not so beautiful trash in the river. Jerk Wads. Just in time for tourists to come for St. Patrick's Day and judge us, too.

{Day 74} 03.14.2012
I want a big Flav-a-Flav medallion of this to wear around my neck.

{Day 75} 03.15.2012
Making bridal shower invites out of roasting pans from the Dollar Tree.

{Day 76} 03.16.2012

Our Niece's 11th Birthday Card. I will never outgrow the "torture" aspect of Big Sisterdom.

{Day 77} 03.17.2012
Late Night Chit Chat during Girls' Weekend 2.0 in Indy

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Terese said...

i want a "zone of quiet" sign for my house.