Monday, April 2, 2012

{366} Week 12

Sorry for being behind on posting. I've been distracted the past two weeks by some good stuff and some potentially bad stuff. Hopefully, things will calm down soon.


{Day 78} 03.18.2012
A neighborhood lemonade stand in Indianapolis during our morning walk.

{Day 79} 03.19.2012
Double-take. Imagine how professional I sounded when I looked out the window in the middle of a conference call and saw a foot.

{Day 80} 03.20.2012
One of the many problems with moving every four years is that I've amassed quite the collection of outdated stamps. Pretty much every letter that I send looks like an Anthrax threat as I work through my stash.

{Day 81} 03.21.2012
Premature spring blooms during a 70-degree stroll.

{Day 82} 03.22.2012
5:30 a.m.

{Day 83} 03.23.2012
LIFE Protest on Wacker. (This one was lame, but I forgot to get a replacement later in the day.)

{Day 84} 03.24.2012
While walking home, I said, "Oh shoot! I forgot my Photo-a-Day picture. Let me grab the Square sign." Andy posed like this of his own volition.


Linda said...

I don't think I've ever seen an actual sign on a lemonade stand. But I also haven't see that many lemonade stands. How cute!

Terese said...

5:30 am rock!!