Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Paper + Parties} Nursery-Inspired Gift Wrap

When celebrating friends, I like to wrap their packages in their favorite colors or try match the event's theme. (Remember these Crate & Barrel boxes from my friend's weddings in 2010 and 2011?)

For my friend Tara's baby shower this past weekend, I was inspired by her recent nursery blog post when selecting the packaging for her gifts:

{"Nursery Ideas" from In This Instance}

What a happy, sunshiny place for a little babe! To mimic the feeling for our group gift, I selected some beautiful handmade paper, a Snow & Graham favorite picked up at a cute neighborhood shop, hangar 18, and shiny satin ribbons.

{Photo by Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs and Entouriste)
Running around the city looking for the perfect gift wrap may be ridiculous, but what fun it is!

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Tara said...

Tina you are so awesome. I love how thoughtful you are - that was the best wrapping job ever. Seriously, those little details that you think of make a girl feel special :)