Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{366} Week 16

{Day 106} 04.15.2012
Tulips make errand-running so much happier.

{Day 107} 04.16.2012
I spotted this package in my lobby. There has to be an excellent backstory to using a Successorie as a mailing label.

{Day 108} 04.17.2012
We did our taxes ages ago, but I forgot to pay the state. Then on Tax Day, I left the payment at home and had to grab a ghetto fab money order to meet the deadline without going back downtown to the big post office before midnight.  (Yes, they totally still sell money orders.)

{Day 109} 04.18.2012
I arrived home to find a "Handmade Pay It Forward" gift from Tara waiting outside my door -  homemade jam, recipe cards, and am orange trivet. I need to get on mine!

{Day 110} 04.19.2012
The training class that I attended last week got out early, so I got to hit the sample sales at lunch. Yikes.

{Day 111} 04.20.2012
More sample booty. Yikes. My favorite holiday showroom is closing and offering 75% off.

{Day 112} 04.21.2012
I ain't gonna lie. Unexpected occurrences of the word "wiener" thrill me every time. I have several "wiener" pix on my phone, as I am emotionally a 12-year-old boy.

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