Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{366} Week 13

{Day 85} 03.25.2012
Can I please get one gross of glitter Easter Eggs?

{Day 86} 03.26.2012
Jury Duty. 26th & California. Yuck. The girl who walked in behind me got Panel 40 - and they were called!

{Day 87} 03.27.2012
6:00 a.m. class

{Day 88} 03.28.2012
Tina and Mommy's impromptu happy hour fell in the middle of nap time, so The Daily Bar & Grill didn't even get to last a whole beer.

{Day 89} 03.29.2012
Out of milk for cereal. Frozen Yuck.

{Day 90} 03.30.2012
So jealous of this girl's pretty flowers on the commute home.

{Day 91} 03.31.2012
The "Four Liters a Day" Water Challenge with Andy just might be killing me.

1 comment:

Linda said...

4 liters is a lot. I probably drink about 3 a day.