Monday, April 9, 2012

Mid-Century Inspired Art?

I swear, if A Single Man had been out before I got married, my wedding would have had a totally different look. That Charlie's Hairdo! Her make-up! Those earrings!

Although I don't have much opportunity to wear big hair and caftans around the house, I am wondering if I could steal some ideas from her house. Like the painting above her fireplace:

{Photos from Casa Sugar}

A big orange half circle on a giant canvas? I could probably paint that, huh? I really hate my fireplace. I mean Y-A-W-N hate! It's dark and uninteresting; however, I don't have money to add the wiring for lighting and I'd never convince Andy to help me replace that tile. So I'm thinking some feature art might help. (Oh, but I don't have money for that either. But a cheap canvas and some paint, I can afford. Thoughts?

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Terese said...

you just reminded me that i started reading a single man and never managed to finish it. it's going back in my library hold queue right now!

i think the painting would look very cool.