Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{366} Week 14

{Day 92} 04.01.12
I am just going to buy these in bulk directly from the wholesalers. I've been sloppy and still manage to send at least one a month.

{Day 93} 04.02.12
BENIGN! "No evidence of cancer" has to be one of the loveliest phrases in the English language. (I hope it's not weird to post this one here on my superficial blog. It pretty much consumed the entire day...and a good chunk of the month, really.)

{Day 94} 04.03.12
Best. Brussels Sprouts. Ever. I filled up on these and couldn't finish my pork chop. THAT'S a first!

{Day 95} 04.04.12
"The Big Guy's" Birthday Greeting for his little buddy, Jack.

{Day 96} 04.05.12
The tap water in our office is gross, so I've started carrying a gallon of tap water into work from home every morning. Hydration + Weight-lifting + Recycling Karma + Money-Savings all in one!

{Day 97} 04.06.12
Free Fancy Hands courtesy of a Christmas gift certificate from my girl, LP. Check out the ghetto-ass graffiti in the background. Lincoln Square is so street.

{Day 98} 04.07.12
Excellent Holy Saturday Mailbag: Martha, a $50 rebate check, and an overdue Christmas card from the Brooklyn Bride Card Exchange.

{Day 98} Bonus
Back to Owen & Engine for the second weekend in a row. Their burgers are like crack. (And so are their fish 'n chips and Scotch egg.)


Linda said...

Congrats on the no cancer!
can you share that Brussels sprout recipe?

Terese said...

wonderful "no cancer" news! can't even imagine how scary that is.

very pretty nails!!

Stephanie E. said...

Oh God, so glad you received the all clear!