Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Catching Up: February - Cooking, Cooking, and More Sewing

I am going to catch up on my 2010 posts before 2011 if it kills me! I have a few fun December projects that I want to share, but thought it best to catch up first on say, the spring, first.

As you may recall, the first week of February was dedicated to The Quest for a Million Miniature Onesies. I was scanning through my phone and found this photo of some of the younger guests that I spotted wearing the onesies as I walked out the door. If I had any money left, I would have given it to them!

Andy and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by recreating a bit of deliciousness from our honeymoon.

He made French Onion Soup using a recipe from the Bouchon Cookbook.

I made a chocolate tart from the Mustard Grill cookbook.

And we enjoyed  a bottle of my favorite wine in my limited world, Silver Oak, which we received as a housewarming gift from Aunt Ruth.

Both dishes were all-day undertakings, so we lunched on frozen pizza and Cokes from Gene’s Sausage Shop. Very gourmet, no?

If I would have blogged about this sooner, I might have had something poignant to say about taking on the works of masters. But all that I can think of at this point is that Onion Goggles REALLY DO WORK.

I also took on my first “real” sewing project in February – a table runner made from Purdue fabric.

TOTAL CHEESE, I know, but it was all in good fun for a dinner with my friends from college.

I didn’t have time to run out for flowers on the day of the party (and Andy always seems to overlook that item no matter where I place it on the grocery list), so Andy improvised our centerpiece.

I have no idea what Jay Cutler has to do with Purdue. I think that he did it because our friends had Drew
Brees and Kyle Orton figurines as the place settings at a dinner party in 2009. I hate to discourage him when he does anything party-related, so I let him have it.


Mel said...

Haha. Love the Purdue runner!

Terese said...

the 1st picture made me laugh out loud. and now i'm trying to determine where i can get french onion soup for dinner...