Friday, December 31, 2010

Catching Up: May, Part 2 - Rainbow Runner Baby Shower

My sweet friend, devon, from Brunch Club had a beautiful baby girl, Piper Alice, in July. Our friend, the most organized hostess/cook that I know, Tara, hosted an incredible brunch for our other Bruncher, Colleen’s , little nugget in March, so I did the honors for d’s.

I didn't have a chance to photograph anything, so I have a hodgepodge of photos. (Turns out that Tara had her beautiful camera with her too. Grrr!)


Devon’s a very enthusiastic runner, so I made a mock-finish line for her invitations.

{Source - Invite Photos: the small d}

Total confession time: I really, really wanted an excuse to justify the purchase of some happy tape. I was sitting in a classroom in Atlanta when these popped into my head. I mocked them up in the back of my work notebook and then made the tape purchase during lunch. devon's follow-up e-mail to me and follow-up post about the invites totally made me blush.

The Tablescape*

I really wanted the colors teal or robin-egg blue, gray, and purple instead of girly pink. I've had this ribbon theme in my head ever since I pulled it out of Martha Weddings in the late '90s.

{Source - Above Image: In This Instance

I was so excited to make these banner placecards.

{Source - Above Image: In This Instance}

 {Source - Above Image: In This Instance}


I didn't get ANY photos of the decorations.

“Bib” Signs

I hung a few "race bibs" around the house with the month and year the baby was due.

 I still have an unassembled “Congratulations” banner that keeps popping up around the house. I was going to send it to her in the mail, but was so wrapped up in work that I never got around to assembling it. Maybe I’ll use it for the next marathon. Ha!

“Onesie” Banner

I designed a bunch of race bibs with names that played on the names of real Chicago 5Ks. I then ironed them onto onesies using iron-on transfer paper. I strung the onesies on purple ribbon and hung them as a banner above the table.


My friend posted this video to my Facebook Wall after I used the word "tablescape" in a status.

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