Thursday, December 2, 2010

Catching Up: Pastel Baby Shower: The Scrapbook

I love giving a fill-in-the-blank guest book/scrapbook combo when I host a shower. I've been doing these for years and used to type everything out and build them after the shower. Now I set it up so that I can write the list of gifts received directly into the book and send it home with the bride or mom-to-be. I usually leave a few blank pages for notes and photos at the end of the book.

When I first started this project, I had grand illusions of making onesie bunting for every single page. Thank the sweet Lord Jesus that I talked myself out of that quickly.


 I have a not-flattering story about this birth day greetings page. I asked all of the young girls at the party to go around and collect everyone's note cards so that I could paste the envelopes in the book. They then followed my lead and started picking them up to paste them into the book...


They stood there chomping at the bit, hands eagerly shaking, and I wasn't having a single bit of it. This was not the proudest moment of my life, but I had spent so much time and money on this book, that I wasn't going to tolerate a single crooked envelope or flaw. I will be a terrible mother. Just like my sister always says as she retells the story about me moving all of the ornaments that she hung on the tree for the 18 millionth time.

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rachel♥jo said...

I love your scrapbook idea, and I would have done the *exact* same thing with the Birth Day cards. It's your gift to the Mother-to-be and you've invested both time and money on it. PS has beautiful products, but they aren't cheap!
Don't worry, I'm sure no one will remember you stopped them and the family will always have a beautiful keepsake of the shower to show their child, family and friends.

Christina said...

omg, this is adorable! Everything you put into this shower is top-notch! Love every detail of it.

Tara said...

Absolutely fantastic job with this sweet baby shower! You thought of every detail!

And I wouldn't feel to bad about stopping them to put the cards in - since you took so much time and care to get all the other pages executed just so I think it is perfectly acceptable to want to finish it off. There is a time and place for contributors of any age

Terese said...

wow, love the scrapbook. what a lucky mom-to-be!

your story makes me feel better about what i did last night: 1) i double-checked our shower menu & games after my sister had proofread them and 2) checked 25 favors to make sure she had tied good bows with the twine. issues. i have issues.

Abbie said...

I would have stopped them, too. I am so that girl.