Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catching Up: Pastel Baby Shower: Party Decor

Aunt Ruth wanted a onesie theme for the shower to compliment the diaper invitations. She picked out the cake and I ran with it from there.

Guests were greeted by onesie place cards.

I used the same polka dot fabric as the invitations in six colors to assign seats at the six tables. Each table had a floral centerpiece and color flag in an antique baby bottle, which Aunt Ruth borrowed from her neighbor.

All of the paper products were color-coded to match the table's flag. I photocopied the different fabrics onto white cardstock and printed the menu onto the "custom paper." There was an adult menu and a kids' menu.

For the kids' menus, I stitched the photocopy to make a pocket envelope. The kids' menu was printed onto the pocket, which held an activity book that I created. The covers of the activity books also had color-coded onesies. (More details to follow later this week.) Each kid received a pack of crayons wrapped in colored fabric and blue baker's twine.

In addition to menus, each place setting had a note asking the guest to leave a note for the parents-to-be and big sister to read to the new babe on his "birth" day. I ran baby envelopes through a Xyron machine and used zots to  attach the envelope "stickers" to the note cards. The envelopes contained 2" x 3 1/2" cards for the messages. At the end of the party, I pasted them into a scrapbook. I used photocopies of the fabric to cover the pencils.

Each place setting also included a diaper or onesie sugar cookie from my favorite bakery, which is now defunct. (Booo!)

The favors were placed in cellophane bags sealed with stickers that I made by stitching hand-cut fabric onesies with iron-on messages to circle shapes, which I then ran through my Xyron. Yes, I hand cut 36 miniature onesies. (Technically, I cut over 300. Because I am a loser that likes to avoid going to the gym. More pix to follow.)

I also made a fabric banner. The center of the banner was a onesie from the high school that my in-laws attended. Unfortunately, there wasn't anywhere to hang the banner, so it was a banner fail.

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Terese said...

this is seriously great stuff. i love the "birth" day note idea!

my sis-in-law's shower is this weekend and i can't tell you how many hours i wasted on saturday afternoon looking for pencils to coordinate with the decor. ed actually looked at me and said, "you're crazy and i'm scared." i may steal your fabric-covered pencil idea and use it as MY excuse to skip the gym this week!