Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching Up: 2009 Christmas Cards, Part 2

After I blew my entire 2009 Christmas Card Cash and Time Budget on my Regretsy Illustrations, I was kind of forced to send out our Christmas Cards with the illustrations of strangers. Also, by this time, Paper Source had sold out of all of the stock that  I needed.

So I ended up with blue Christmas cards containing a cartoon drawing of a man that kind of looks Andy and some hag in a stupid sweater:

All of my Facebook friends knew the deal, but you know that the other 75 people on our Christmas card list were probably thinking "WTF?"

Note to any Chicago girls that might be interested in twine for their Christmas invites, it's not to be found anywhere but Paper Source within the immediate downtown area. Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma will act like you asked them if they sold buzz saws if you call to ask for it. P.O.S.H. sells blue baker's twine.

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