Friday, December 31, 2010

Catching Up - July, Part 2: A Pucci-Inspired Baby Shower - Details

Our Pucci-inspired afternoon tea was held at the so-frickin'-cute LM in Lincoln Square. God Bless Chef Stephan who agreed to host our party of eight with only a few days notice. The shower turned out great! We had the perfect mix of funny people who all loved the guest of honor. All of our friends agreed that it was one of the most fun days of the summer.

On to the details!

The Decor

 It was very, very hot that day...the vase even steamed up.

The Menu

My original plan for the menus were stitched booklets, but my sewing machine kept eating the paper. I pulled these together with scraps of paper from around the house.

The Party Favors

I *loved* the party favors. These reusable tea cups literally hit the local shops that week. I had been out with my sister the week before and hadn't seen them anywhere. It was total kismet.


My mom and sister wouldn't use the mugs, so I gave them tea-scented lotion.


I added a tea bag and customized tag to each cup. (Is it considered unoriginal if you repeat your own designs?)

I packaged the gifts, along with some psychedelic cookies,  in the most perfect green and purple boxes from the Container Store.

I made custom confetti by running fuschia, chartreuse, and violet paper through a shredder.

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Terese said...

these baby showers you put together are insane. awesome job!