Saturday, February 23, 2008

I got served.

I was tagged by Tara at In This Instance. Here goes:
  1. What is your occupation?
    Training Project Manager: I manage and design
    sales training courses.

  2. What color are your socks right now?
    Barefoot. But, in general, I'm not a colored socks girl.

  3. What are you listening to right now?
    Sweet, sweet silence. I am home alone, which is the only time that there isn't a TV blaring.

  4. What was the last thing that you ate?
    A bite of Tamal de Chocolate from Adobo Grill. Thankfully, I didn't like it!

  5. Can you drive a stick shift?

  6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
    Green. Or maybe yellow or orange.

  7. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
    My dad.

  8. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
    Judging from her blog, she has good taste!

  9. Favorite drink?
    It used to be Diet Pepsi, but I think that I'm growing out of that. I will never outgrow a delicous Cab or Pinot though!

  10. What is your favorite sport to watch?
    I could lie and pretend that I care about a sport, but at the end of the day, I don't. I can't sit still long enough to watch sports. I do enjoy going to Blackhawks and Sox games.

  11. Have you ever dyed your hair?
    I don't even remember what my real hair color looks like anymore. God would have saved me a lot of money if He had made me a real redhead.

  12. Pets
    A beta fish at work. That's about all that I can handle. I think that he'll be my last pet too. He has the personality of a rock.

  13. Favorite food?
    I have to pick A food? No can do!
    • My mom's lasagna.

    • Vienna Beef hot dogs.

    • My mom's carrot cakes.

    • Andy's tater tot casserole

    • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

    Wow! That list probably explains why bridal salons are calling me a "bigger girl too."

  14. Last movie you watched?
    No Country for Old Men. Update: I lied. It was 27 Dresses. I forgot that I saw it until I saw it mentioned on someone else's blog.

  15. Favorite Day of the Year?
    Halloween. Christmas Eve is a strong second.

  16. What do you do to vent anger?
    Unfortunately, I b*tch to whoever is around me. Or call Andy.

  17. What was your favorite toy as a child?
    According to my mother, I didn't like toys or dolls. I think that I was kind of a, um, sassy child.

  18. Which is your favorite, fall or spring?
    Fall is so fun! It is pretty and full of so many activities. Although, there is nothing like the first warm day in Chicago. The city comes alive!

  19. Hugs or kisses?
    Hugs. Unless it's above 75 degrees, then a quick peck that requires minimal touching will do. (We don't have central air!)

  20. What kind of pie?

  21. Living arrangements?
    I share 400 square feet of Heaven with Andy. Just kidding. It might be 425 square feet.

  22. When was the last time you cried?
    I teared up on Thursday and Friday! The lack of sunshine and fresh air is weakening me!

  23. What is on the floor of your closet?
    As if I could see the floor of my closet to tell you.

  24. Favorite smell?
    I don't have a favorite smell.

  25. What inspires you?
    Obviously it's not the concept of looking like a sow on my wedding day, because I only made it to the gym once this week.

  26. What are you afraid of?
    Deep water and bugs. Seriously, standing at the edge of a pier with an army of thousand leggers, roaches, butterflies, and moths charging at me would probably cause me to spontaneously combust in fear.

  27. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?

  28. Favorite Car?
    My Honda Civic. As long as the HC runs for 200,000 miles, I promise that she was always be my #1.

  29. Favorite cat breed?
    The breed that doesn't come anywhere near my house. I am allergic to cats and hate pet hair.

  30. Number of keys on your key ring?
    5 + the world's largest key fob.

  31. How many years at your current job?
    7 years in this role; 10 years with the company. Holy cow.

  32. Favorite day of the week?

  33. How many states have you lived in?
    Two -- Illinois and Indiana.

  34. How many countries have you been to?
    Three -- Japan, Mexico, and Italy. Knock on wood that the dollar gains strength so that I can add some more to the list this year or next. According to Facebook, I have been to 6% of the world.
I am not sure who to tag, as I don't know how many bloggers actually read my blog! I'll try -- Elizabeth Anne Designs, a bride in the making, blushalicious, enjoy:{the blog}, A Windy City Wedding, Hasel and That Girl.


Allison aka HaselBride said...

Well, you were right to tag me! I know these things are dorky, but I love them! I will put my post up later today.

A Bride in the Making said...

Awww! Thanks for tagging me! I'll post mine in a bit =o)

Nichsy said...

How can you be afraid of butterflies but not rats? Your blog is hilarious, I am sending it to my daughter - I am sure she will relate!

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

You are too funny. I will get right to work on my tag now. It's a long one, though! Will post on my other blog (enjoying: my life).

A Windy City Wedding said...

I am dumb will you tell me what I am supposed to do and I will do it??