Friday, February 8, 2008

They're killin' old girl.

A slighty un-wedding-related post to end the week.

Why does this torture exist? Temptation + Wedding Budget = Hell on Earth. They even match the wedding stationery!

From Etsy seller, sproutonline, Poet Pendant Necklace - Sterling Silver Darkened with a Patina Finish...only $26.00!

Photo from sproutonline on etsy

And I can't even stand to talk about these! Did J. Crew tap into my hard drive during one of my 4,000 visits to their site and steal my logo? How insanely adorable are these pieces? They are almost stick-to-your-commitment-to-pack-a-lunch-to-save-money adorable.

Both photos from

The entire J. Crew spring accessories line is so fab. Maybe I need to add shower and party outfits to the budget!

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