Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blinged Out Maids

Now that the bridesmaids dresses are selected, I can start thinking about fun stuff...like jewelry! I've stumbled upon so many pieces over the last few months and thought, "This is totally Paige!" or "This would look hot with Bay-e's dress." And now I can actually buy things. Yeah!

One option that I'm considering is eg from Erin Gallagher. I met her several years ago at a networking event (well, it was at a bar, but it sounds better the other way) after she first quit her job to sell jewelry full-time. I was totally envious of her, so I've randomly checked out her web site over the years to see how she was doing. What a rock star! She recently opened a studio in the West Loop where she does custom designs, hosts jewelry parties, and caters to brides. Her prices are excellent for girls on a budget...they start at $25. (And there's a discount if you buy five or more pieces...buy more to save more. Rock on!)

Here are a few of the more timeless styles featured on her site:

I think that the only problem will be reigning my sister in if I bring her along. She tends to pick out the most expensive item available in situations like this.


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

these earrings are fantastic!

Lil TayTay said...

awww... I just checked your blog out today and you are getting married on my fiance and I's 5 year anniversary... then we are getting married 10/18/08, so I will definitely have to keep up with your progress! happy planning!