Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Talk to Andy, re: STDs

Last summer, I fell in love with these Save the Dates from the Summer 2007 Martha Stewart Weddings:

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings, 2007

Yes, unfortunately I cannot deny having read Martha Stewart Weddings before I was engaged. One of my many secret shames is that I have read every issue since 1997. I can't deny my Martha Love.

Anyway, I spent an entire Saturday morning laying out my Martha-wannabes and loved them. But then I ran the numbers a few days later and they'd cost $350-400+ to print, assemble, and mail. (My wedding gift to myself is not printing or cutting anything myself.) So, I did some brainstorming on the 'L ride home one night and decided that the Save the Dates must meet the following criteria:
  • Fit one or two per sheet of paper to save on supplies.
  • Based on the above, not look like something that the office admin or church secretary printed up for an ice cream social using The Microsoft Word.
  • Not be something that would require me doing any printing on small cards or cutting.
  • Cost 41 cents or less to mail.
All of my ideas were either too cutesy or too girly, which doesn't seem fair since this is half Andy's wedding. So, I went for witty. I think that this is the final product:

They will be size A2 cards. I can't decide if I want to use brown or black ink. Black ink works best on the cover, but brown ink looks good on the inside. I'm not pleased about having to go with boring ivory cardstock, but I don't want to give up the colored graphics.

BTW, re: the title of this post, I had changed my mind on the design while Andy was out-of-town for work. I had put a post-it note on my monitor that said, "Talk to Andy, re: STDs." My coworker was in my cube and kept looking my past my head at something as we talked. When I turned around, I realized that she was looking right at the post-it.


Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

Very cute! You know you could always print them as post cards to save on postage!

tina said...

Thanks! I tried laying them out as postcards, but had a hard time fitting the hotel information on there too. That would have been ideal though! I would have also saved on envelopes.

trix said...

those are the cutest STDs, i have never seen that idea before so assuming it is a tina-riginal! love how it all rhymes too! i owe you countless hours if not years of cutting, printing, licking & stuffing paper projects from my wedding so keep me in mind if you need any of that type of help!

Jenna said...

Ok, I don't know if I have ever seen anything cuter or more original than that! Did you design it yourself? I think that STD's are a great chance to show your personality and be a little less informal. I just wish I knew you so that I could have one of these hanging up on my fridge!

Lisa from Blush said...

Love, love, love your STDs! Like, I love it so much I want you to send me one! Love! And thanks for the link, I sooo appreciate it!

soon-to-be Mrs. Ish said...

Too too cute! I love it! and you know, it's one of those things that people will keep around and look at later and laugh again.