Monday, February 4, 2008

Pigs in a Blanket

Andy and I agreed about 15 minutes into planning that we wanted a cocktail party reception. I swear to God, we decided that before I read approximately three dozen articles about it being all the rage. We thought that it would be cool, but also knew that the space at A New Leaf wouldn't allow us to seat 175 people (and that we couldn't afford to feed so many people a seated meal.)

It took me a few tries to get caterers to stop talking about "Action Stations" and buffets, but after a sleepless Thanksgiving weekend of staying up and stressing out about people cutting their crappy "chef-carved prime rib" while standing at a high-boy, I finally put my foot down. And, so far, the caterers have been really excited about this decision. One catering manager even jumped up and down and applauded when I mentioned it (while wearing very high plaid heels, I might add!).

After months of reading through catering menus, I am really excited about our decision; however, I am still worried about how to convince my father that "mini roquefort brioche with a ruffle of rare roasted tenderloin and red onion confit" is really just tenderloin on a bun. Realistically, I am resigning myself to the fact that, no matter what I do, he'll most likely end up at the White Castles drive though on the way home.


Sarah said...

I am salivating already at the Hor Dourves - you could always consider serving mini sliders to satisfy your Dad.

Tara said...

we just recently decided on having a cocktail party too... mostly based on the fact that I could not decide on an entree to feed everyone... I need variety! and that ANL seems to lend towards the cocktail party. And... we are most likely having pigs in a blanket :)

that girl. said...

who. was. your. caterer.... i can take the search no longer. just let me steal yours! it sounds like it was amazing