Monday, February 11, 2008

Fool me once...

It was my friend The Mitch who called pretending to be the Bridezilla producer. When someone at work asked me if it could be someone playing a joke, the "Schaumburg Hyatt" was the only thing I said sounded dubious! And I was right! He got me. I am getting weak. The 773 area code seemed off too. I wish that I would've posted his phone number up here before I found out! :)

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Jim McShirley said...


I wish you had posted my number. I would have had a lot of fun playing with those would-be brides looking for their 15 minutes of shame!

BTW - I actually didn't think the Schaumburg Hotel casting call would sound fishy - but I did think leaving my 773 # would.

See ya soon! We are so excited for this wedding!