Monday, March 3, 2008

Sarah Alair Photography

Our photographer, Sarah Alair, shot a wedding featured in this month's Knot Chicago magazine. I don't think that the photos that The Knot selected do her work justice. The work displayed in her studio and the hallway leading up to it, both of which are adorable, is really good. Also, she created a photography package within our budget, which always wins points.

Images: Knot Chicago Magazine, Winter 2008

Sorry for the crappy scans. My printer is under the end table, so I have to sit on the floor and work with the small space between the lid and bottom of the table. Come ooooon, lottery win! Mama wants a condo big enough to fit a desk.

While we're on the subject of photography and video, does anyone have a reference for a good, affordable videographer? The guy that my friend referred me to flaked out. He called me once and then never followed up.

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