Monday, March 24, 2008

Myyyy Kiiiind of Tote...

Like many Chicago brides, I was thinking that, depending on the number of guests that stay at the hotel, I could use these Chicago totes from MAPTOTE as Welcome bags:

But, the prices on those are pretty steep...especially given that you still have to fill them with treats. I found some plain canvas bags at Paper Source for only $3.75/pc and am thinking that I could make my own totes. How cute would these Ork Neighborhood Posters look on a tote? Or on some note cards?

I've e-mailed the designer to see if she's planning on offering totes or would be willing to sell me some iron-on transfers. I know that iron-ons are so 2003-04, but girl's on a budget. I'm also checking out Strange Cargo to see what they can do for me. They have a TON of super cute Chicago images. And if the price is right, I could try to customize them for people.

Wedding tote or not, I can't wait to frame an Ork print. Having grown up on the South Side and lived on the North Side for 12 years, I've covered lots of territory in my day.


A Windy City Wedding said...

I am up late looking for a new job, probably the worst time to be looking for one, thanks big time GWB Jr for that. SORRY ANYWAY, I ordered some totes from here once, super cheap, my only complaint was they took awhile to show up but you can't beat 69 cents and they have fun colors.

tina said...

Those are perfect! Thank you for forwarding that site. They're $2 cheaper than Paper Source.

Good luck with your job search. It's rough out there. And it's not like wedding leaves you much free time.


Chitown Bride said...

Oh please, please keep me updated on the iron on possibility. I ended up buying the Chicago bags for my bridesmaids, but would love to see if this is possible!!

cats said...

i couldn't find the totes on paper source. can you post a link? thanks!