Monday, March 24, 2008

Notes on the Totes

So, good news and bad news:
  • The Ork Posters idea didn't workout. The image is too detailed for an iron-transfer. They're planning on offering tote bags in the future, but not on time for our wedding. Be sure to check out their web site. They have a couple of different cities.
  • Someone asked for the link to the Paper Source totes. I couldn't find them online. If you live in Chicago, they were hanging in front of the register at the Chicago/Franklin store.
  • A Windy City Wedding recommended for affordable totes. She also recommended allowing plenty of time for shipment. But at $1.50/pc, I'd say that patience is an acceptable virtue to implement.
And now onto the good news!

Paul at Strange Cargo said that he can print any of their t-shirt graphics onto a tote! He even said that I could bring in my own totes as long as the fabric will work. (He's willing to do a trial run.) If you're interested, pop into their store at 3448 N Clark St. to discuss the process. Look at some of the cute designs ifrom the Chicago section of their web site:

All Images: Strange Cargo

I think that the "Greetings from Chicago" or skyline would look great with the city flag printed on the other side. It would be cool to do a few with the SNL and Bears ones too. I'd fight Andy tooth and nail on the Harry Carey one though; if only so that he wouldn't walk around impersonating him at the reception.


Chitown Bride said...

OMG! I love Strange Cargo. I did not even think about that! These would be great!

Abbie said...

Have you tried listing a request in the Alchemy feature of for this project? You might have some luck.