Friday, March 7, 2008

Rock On!

I've scheduled a cake testing at The Sugar Syndicate on March 15. Dig this...they can make my favorite ball cake for $4 less than the previous cake quote! I want to hire TSS for the logo alone:

I hope that the cake is delicious because the owner's e-mail response to my inquiry was incredibly detailed. I'm all about vendors who allow you to plan your wedding on the DL during lunch. I mean, do I really need to call you in person to be told that you're out of my miniature price range? Anyway, what's even cooler is that The Sugar Syndicate is 1/3 of a pastry co-op called "Sweet Collective." Some of you may recall them from this article from Daily Candy Chicago.

How cool will it be if we can get our cool cake and support an independent woman-owned business? Talk about having your decorative cake and eating it too! Girl Power!

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