Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DIYing Myself In

I was doing a mental/partially written inventory of my Wedding To Do List and realized that all of my "optional" paper projects are really adding up. Even though it's a little over than six months out, I think that I need to map out a plan of attack. Also, I am thinking about using a gocco for some of these. Can anyone recommend a web site for buying and provide advice on which model to buy?

  1. Finalize invitation design.
  2. Prepare files for printing.
  3. Address envelopes. (If I know myself, this will probably be carried out over many months.)
Coat Check Tags

I am going to be a copy cat and make some cute coat check tags
like these featured in the 2007 Style Me Pretty DIY Contest:

Valet Parking Tags

I admit that this is a ridiculous project,
but I want to make pretty ones just
And for some, this will be their first introduction to the wedding event.

Gift Bag Elements

Stickers for the Bottled Water
Bags and/or Stickers for Popcorn
Map of Area around A New Leaf
Invitation to Brunch (if necessary)
Order Gift Bags

Favor Elements (if necessary)

Miscellaneous Reception Stuff

Sign for Front of Venue (Optional, TBD)
Design and Order Napkins (cocktail and hand towels) from For Your Party
Drink Stirrers (Optional)
Cake Table Sign (Optional)
Guest Book Instructions
I really want to make food tags for the servers' trays, but I really don't think that there will be any room for that.

Miscellaneous Reception Stuff

Guest Book
Wedding Day Timeline (Vendor and Wedding Party Versions)

Wrap Wedding Party Gifts


A Windy City Wedding said...

My Gocco is coming today! I found it is cheapest, even with the huge shipping cost, to get one from Japan. The seller was awesome and it came in like 2-3 days! Look for PrintAddict, she has a store on Etsy and on E-bay and she combines shipping if you want screens and all that. I just got the cheaper PG-5 because I didn't want to blow 400 bucks. Paper Source also has them and Northwoods Studios online also has them. E-mail if you want more info!!

ley said...

Bah! This just reminds me how much I still have to do. Thanks. lol.

That's a really good idea to assign the projects to a month. Much better than my "Oh yeah- and I'll do that, too...sometime" plan. Thanks for the idea! And good luck! lol.

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i second printaddict and northwood studios. i get all of my supplies from northwood and they have fast shipping and great rates. :)

l-o-v-e my pg-11.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. I need to make a list. I have so many to-do lists floating around. And almost all of it has to be done NOW. If I make one on my blog, maybe I'll feel more responsible?

jessica lynn said...

whoa you are doing a lot of DIY projects! i am impressed and i know they will turn out beautiful!!