Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is This Ceremony Not Punctilious* Enough?

Since I'm in list-making mode this week, I used my commute home yesterday to jot down some of the ceremony ideas that have been floating around in my head. I need to map it out a bit before I present it to A. so that I can convince him that it's the way to go.


  • Step 1: Friends Light Candles: I have so many friends have been important to me over the last ten years. I didn't want to overburden a lot of people with being a bridesmaid, but I still want to involve as many important people as possible. I'm thinking of having some of my girlfriends kick things off by walking down the "aisle" and lighting some candles on our faux altar (faultar?).
To be Identified: Candle holder for 4-6 candles

  • Step 2: A's Sisters Light Candles: I don't know if he's down with it, but I think that we should include them.

  • Step 3: Aunts Walk In: I'd like to include A's aunt, who's like his second mom, and my aunt/godmother. I'm thinking that we can have Groomsman #1 walk them down.

  • Step 4: Grandma Walks In: Groomsman #2 can walk my grandma down.

  • Step 5: A. Walks His Mom In

  • Step 6: My Brother Walks Our Mom In

  • Step 7: Bridesmaids Walk In -- The flaw with this plan is that the Best Man never makes it down the aisle. We can always have him walk down one of the aunts.

  • Step 8: My Dad and I Walk In


I need to engage the Rev. here. We're not doing any sand or candle ceremonies. A simple "We Do" and "We're Done." I don't believe that we'll end up writing our own vows. My girlfriend from LA, who is incredibly smart, creative, and witty has agreed to write and perform a reading for us. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.


A. and I leave, followed by the bridal party. I don't think that we'll have our parents walk down.


The DJ will be pumping music into the room for our ceremony. We haven't discussed this with him, but I think that we need three-four songs:
  • Song 1: Candles -- Moms
  • Song 2: Bridesmaids
  • Song 3: My Dad and I
  • Song 4: Recessional
I think that Songs 1-3 could be combined.

What do you think?

*I totally admit to happening upon the word "punctilious" on as I wrote this post. I was trying to think of a play on the word "ceremonious" and checked it out online. "Punctilious" is a definition of "ceremonious." I just adore M-W reader's pronunciation. Listen to it here. He makes it sound like a word that Winchester would use when scolding BJ and Hunnicut for wacky hijinx during surgery or coming back to the swamp after a bender.


Jenna said...

I think that you should do what makes you feel comfortable. As long as you walk away during the recessional with that "I'm finally married!" feeling, then anything will work.

Are you maybe feeling that this isn't "punctilious" enough because you might have people in attendance who will want something more?

Tara said...

i think it sounds like a good start!

i am using 2 songs for the processional- one long one for everyone else and then the one for me- I love them... just listening to those songs now makes me all fluttery!

we aren't doing the sand or candle things either... i thought briefly about having everyone have a candle and lighting each others till it got to our moms who would light ours then do the unity candle thing but ANL doesn't allow 'open flames'...