Friday, March 21, 2008

Lite Bright

I have a new frivolous obsession -- LIGHTING. Unbride's post on lighting last week gave me the bright idea (waa, waaa) and now I've got a bug in my a*s about it. I contacted my caterer for her opinion and she was all about it too. Andy thinks that candlelight is fine, but he has no vision. (Ha, Ha.)

We're having our cocktail hour and dancing in the same area, so people will be standing around in the same space for 4.5 hours. I've been trying to think of a way to distinguish the different phases of the evening. I'm thinking that lighting might help transition the "set changes." Also, given that we're essentially getting married in a room with four brick walls and hardwood floors, I think that some uplighting would form an faux "altar" for us. Here's what the lighting vendor that I contacted suggested that we do on the dance floor -- my mom would love the fall leaves.

Image: Courtesy of Frost Lighting

Our caterer is doing a wedding with lighting at ANL on April 5th. I'm going to pop in beforehand to check it out. Part of me hopes that I don't love it too much, as lighting isn't cheap. And while I might have the bug up my a*s, it ain't* up there lounging on a bed of cash.

*I think of my 8th grade teacher, Miss** Klomes, every time I hear the word "ain't." She had a definition that filled two sides of a little sheet note paper and people had to write it out a 100 times if busted saying it. I wish that she, like, had like, a similar policy, for like, the use of the word "like." That's, like, the one that I needed, like, help on.

**Isn't it funny that she was young enough to be a "Miss" and we thought that she was old? I remember thinking that it was so crazy that she was going to the Led Zeppelin concert. I told my mom and my mom was all, "Why is that weird? Led Zeppelin is cool." And I was all, "Oh! I am so sure that YOU AND DAD would like Led Zeppelin!" And now I realize that my mom was 32/33 at the time.


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

lighting is a MUST! it completely transforms the room and can save you loads of money in other decor.

sgoofi said...

I am SO SO late, but lighting doesn't have to be expensive. You can either rent uplights or purchase uplights for around $10 or $15 and place them around the room.