Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Baker with Balls

My friend Tracey is eagerly awaiting our cake update.
I was telling her the scoop on chat the other day, but she wanted to wait for the post! :)

We had a cake tasting with The Sugar Syndicate (TSS) on Saturday. TSS is the independent baker with the cute logo that I mentioned in last week's cake post.

Oh. My. God. The cakes were delicious. We tried:
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.
  • White cake with coconut buttercream.
  • Red velvet with cream cheese filling.
I thought that Andy was going to cry when he tried the white cake.

I am 99% sure that it we're going with her. Her cakes were tasty AND $affordable$. Also, she gives you a gift certificate to use on your first anniversary that is good for a copy of the top tier of your cake. How nice is that?

So, we've decided on the design below, with three tiers and ivory fondant. A few of the smaller balls will be colored to match the circles on the invitations. I think that it's going to be great!


I would like to just sign on the dotted line, but I am worried that I should do at least another comparison. As I typed that, I realized that it sounds like I am looking for an excuse to eat more cake! But seriously, with the exception of caterers, I haven't done any comparison shopping with my vendors. I am kind of a lazy bride.


Jenna said...

I am kind of obsessed with vendor comparisons, which is sad because I am out of state and so I am going to have to plan a marathon cake/food tasting weekend so that I can shop around for the best. I just never want to wonder if there was something better out there...

Tara said...

i that design is awesome.

sometimes you just know what you want and if are giving you what you want then it is a match!

Aricka said...

This cake is perfect for you! Congratulations for crossing it off this list!