Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Friend Sarah's Wedding

My friend Sarah (trix) was married in 2006. She let me help with all of her paper projects. It was so fun! I am still bummed that she didn't submit it for a Knot Pick. I think it would have been a sure thing. In honor of DIY Month, here are a few highlights of our projects. I'll have to post some highlights from her shower too. We had a pink and brown theme. It was so fun!


I don't have any pix of the invites, which are in storage with my photo albums. They were brown Envelopements with pearly pink paper. One of the above logos (forget which) was mounted on the front on pearly ivory paper. I believe that all of the inserts, like the map shown below, were also on the pearly ivory paper.


Check out how perfect our dresses look together. The florist had ordered all of the wrong colored flowers, but Sarah was a roll-with-the-punches bride. Not that she had much choice, as the florist burst into tears when Sarah pointed it out. I don't think you could tell that our fuchsia flowers were unintentional.


The programs were printed on ivory paper and hand tied into pink and brown 5" cards from Paper Source. I ended up having to take them to Kinko's for printing. (Long, bad story) A wonderful manager saw the finished product and noticed a little black smudge (which I think came from my work printer at work) and threw a fit. She reprinted them and then cut them for free...which saved like $200. I actually cried with joy when she called me. I HATE cutting.

Her Pretty Cake

Apparently, Sarah and I share a thing for dots and circles. ;) I think that her cake was adorable. Andy ate like four slices and was sicker than a dog at the end of the night. Apparently buttercream and gin don't mix.

Table Numbers

The table numbers were printed on 5" inch stickers from Paper Source and mounted on 5" square cards stood sideways like a tent. This project was the hardest one. I had to manually measure the center of each sticker and tape it to an 8.5" X 11" inch sheet of paper before printing. And it didn't actually print straight each time, so I had reprint them or cut them down to even them out. I was so tired at the end of the project that I didn't make myself one to keep. And then was too busy dancing at the reception to nab one from the table.

Table Numbers

The place cards were printed on pink circle labels from Paper Source and then mounted on brown place cards, also from Paper Source.


I don't have the fonts anymore, so I can't open my menu files. (I HATE VISTA lately. I should have gotten XP or a Mac.) The menus were about 7/8" X 9 1/4". They printed on ivory paper with pink and brown font.

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~M said...

I would love to see a post on menus since you're probably the most creative bride of any of the blogs I read (plus, I like your ideas). My fiancé and I, with the help of my mother, have put so much effort into our menu since we're having an entirely gluten-free kosher pescatarian event. Try saying that 3x fast! We are both food lovers and really enjoy cooking together so the meal quality has been one of our higher priorities. My mom suggested that my fiancé, who has a wonderful sense of humor that is especially highlighted by his writing, write up a menu with an explanation about why we chose to have our gf kosher event...but I haven't really seen many creative ideas for menus (and this one has to have room for a description to boot). If it matters, the wedding will be formal and the colors black and white. Even if you just compile a bunch of photos from elsewhere that you like, I would love some inspiration! Thanks!