Monday, March 3, 2008

"To Do" Lists are My B*tches

Andy and I have plowed through the To-Dos this weekend!

Big Announcement #1:

We're Registered!

Holy Sh*t. No one ever told me what a daunting task registering is. Originally, I lured Andy to the Crate & Barrel Registry Event by promising him pancakes afterwards. Towards the end of hour 2, I was the one who was just scanning to scan and get out of the joint. After that, we decided to create the majority of the Williams-Sonoma and Macy's registries online and just pop into Macy's to look at China patterns. We had some extra time after our tasting this afternoon, so I gently suggested that we go to Macy's and get it out of the way. I think that "We won't have to discuss China or All-Clad ever again" was the phrase that paid. Anyway, we went with slightly non-traditional China...a decision that was nagging me the whole afternoon and "L" ride home...until I got home and saw the complete set online. I love, love the bowl and platters in the background:

And, thanks to the plain whiteness, I will never have to commit to a tablecloth or napkin color. The dining room table with my rainbow-colored oyster. As you may have gathered from my blog, I am drawn to bright colors like a moth to a flame.

I also registered for a few pieces of the FABULOUS kate spade Gwinnett Lane line because I couldn't help myself. They're so frivolous, but I adore them. And, like Andy said, no one has to buy them just because we put them on the registry. Besides, if people don't buy them and I do, I'll get 10 percent off since they're on my registry.


Big Announcement #2:

We've selected a caterer!

We had the last of four tastings this afternoon and, as it turned out, the last was definitely not the least! Honestly, our decision was based 50/50 on food and customer service. It's as if our representative read my mind and addressed all of my concerns before I spoke them. And she was so accommodating to everything. I am so very excited to work with her.

I just sent rejection e-mails to two caterers and left an after-hours voice mail for our #2 choice. You should have heard the awful joke that I made in the message. I am such a man.


Tara said...

awesome things to be able to check off your lists! congrats on deciding on the caterer! for me that was just a difficult one...

Darci said...

I am just reading this now and I must know the bad joke you made on the message. I must.

Anonymous said...

Great Job!! I had my wisdom teeth taken out the same week we went registry picking... The pain medicine seemed to help things a lot...


tina said...

I was like the guy on that Sprint commercial. I said something like, "Um, I hope that we get to work together in the future...but hopefully not for my second wedding. Ha. Ha." I'm such a dumb a*s.

tina said...

Thanks, Beck. I remember that story from your bridal shower. I thought about it when we were registering for plates. Didn't he pick out blast dishtowels and plates?