Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cups o' Cake

The wedding process seems so anti-climatic now that my big decisions are made. As much as I longed to be at this point, having "lose 40 pounds" and "save thousands of dollars" as my only "To Dos" makes me feel a little lost. Might as well look at pretty things to pique my interest :)

I usually serve cupcakes at parties and showers because they are cute, easy, cheap, and disposable. I typically jazz them up by making custom tags to decorate them. Here are some examples of some of my old shower and bachelorette projects:

How much time would these super cute cupcake holders have saved me? And they are so much cooler than my crappy hand-cut squares taped to a toothpick! $46 for 50 wrappers from Estilo Weddings (via Unbride).

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