Monday, March 17, 2008

Get Skinny Update, Week 1: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

So, per last week's post, I am planning on losing 30-40 pounds before the wedding. Here is the target workout goal that I am working towards.

Unfortunately, I have to ramp up slower than most people because of my stress fractures and knee problems. For now, I am trying to workout four days a week. I'm also trying to get back in the habit of waking up early. My ultimate goal is be up and at 'em by 4:30 a.m. everyday. So far, I've been able to wake up at 5:15 without too much pain. Here's how I did last week. The bright red squares are the goals that I didn't meet:

I was feeling great going into the weekend. I had done a mid-week weigh-in and a pre-Weight Watchers weigh-in on Saturday and was down almost four pounds! I woke up on Sunday and had gained weight. Overnight. After swimming for an hour. I ended up being down -0.8 for my official weigh-in. I was so frustrated, but was able to turn my anger into motivation. I watched what I ate and was back at the gym on Monday!

I am hoping that my unexplained weight gain is water weight. Either way, I promised Andy that I wouldn't weigh myself until Sunday. (Apparently, I am getting a bit unbearable.) We also have a wager. If I workout four times a week, he can't eat the Burrito House. I am trying to convince him to clean the bathroom if I workout six days a week.


Chitown Bride said...

I hear you...I lost four pounds last week and think they are back today! Ugh!

sarah said...

maybe if andy stopped eating at burrito house the bathroom wouldn't need to be cleaned as much and you would have won both wagers only working out 4 days. that's efficient! haha!

keep it up! although i am worried about this aggressive 4:30 schedule. that's like a middle of the night baby feeding but then you can't crawl back in bed like i can!

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Go you! I walk/jogged around our neighborhood four times yesterday and now I can't walk. AWESOME. I need to try it again tomorrow or I'll lose the motivation again.

Good luck! We brides need to cheer each other on!

Anonymous said...

Where have you gone? I need a new post!